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Annie Haslam - Glitter and Dust/Swan Lake

Believe it or not, Renaissance's singer Annie Haslam has a whole album of lyrics set to classical music. This is the only song I've heard so far...
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Wake from Silence

The silence in the hours before dawn was absolute. There were no birds heralding the arrival of light into the world and no sign of the familiar dirigibles or bi-planes flying overhead as Felix strode across the wet grass to the stables.
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Famous Blue Raincoat
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Pandora's Box

I had this on cassette tape once upon a time and it's stuck with me ever since!

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I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten

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Love the song. Love her. <3

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Title: Trespassing
Prompt: Trespassing and Laughter (as well as 2 and b from this prompt from [community profile] stayintheroom on dreamwidth)
Bonus? No
Word Count: 878
Rating: PG
Original/Fandom: Original (German occupation of the Channel Islands)
Pairings (if any) Erica/Haber
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): none
Summary: Erica doesn't mean to spy or trespass or intrude, she just wants to see him.

'Does it count as trespassing if you lot were, strictly speaking, trespassing first?' I ask with hopes of getting some sort of reaction out of him. Anything would do.Collapse )

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A trip to Jersey next year?

There are tours inside the Corbiere Lighthouse happening next year. This is the lighthouse I settled on as the lighthouse in my Channel Islands novel. I know that I absolutely have to go and the frightening and thrilling thing is that if I don't go to the roleplaying nationals this year, I could probably afford it.


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More of Nell's Diary (rough)

An entry or part of one from Nell's diary. Still rough and needs a beginning and a date, though that can wait until I've written more of the story. I've been rereading pieces I wrote from Erica's point of view from earlier this year. I'm still deciding if the final version of the 10K story will be evenly split between Erica and Nell or if Erica's parts will be bits of her diaries and letters that Nell finds or is given.

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